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Groupeve Sunscreen Fabric is good quality because of the following 3 factors: top quality polyester yarn, good quality PVC and steady weaving system.

Top quality polyester yarn:
We purchase all the industrial polyester yarn from one company, the worldwide famous Honeywell, making sure the exact same steady good quality of our fabric. The top quality fiber is with high strength, low shrinkage rate(﹤2%) property, making the fabric tough, even & clean surface, no curling problems on the edge, no distorting problems when facing the high temperature environment. To achieve this goal, we make many efforts and spend 20%-30% more than other factories production.

Good quality PVC:
Our PVC consists of the following ingredients:
Polyvinyl Chloride.
Plasticizer: making sure the fabric possess steady property.
Fire retardant additives: making the fabric fire resistant, pass the AWTA Product Testing, SGS tests & Fire retardant NFPA701(USA).This ingredients will largely determine the smell of the fabric, normally, the odor free types are the best and healthy, like ours.
Masterbatch : The fabric color is bright and multiple choices. As soon as you see our fabric, you will know it is top grade, the vivid beautiful color will tell you that. Light & color fastness grade 8, no fading problems, no changing colors within 5 years guarantee. To tell the truth, since our business started, in September, 2001, our first production fabric was hung in front of our building, with about 15years past, it is still the same color & shape.
Calcium carbonate and other basic additives.

We composite the most environment friendly type of PVC, it is free of heavy metal & formaldehyde.Many of our fabric are exported to European countries and we have our fabric tested by the EU detection system. Our fabric is the only one in China which get the REACH Certificate of Compliance. We also get our fabric tested in a confined space, after 7days, our fabric doesn’t release harmful elements, got the Greenguard certificates.

Steady weaving system
We purchase the polyester fiber, PVC, Plasticizer, Fire retardant material Masterbatch and other additives, mix the additives to make superior PVC, then coat the polyester fiber to make the strong yarn, and weave the yarn to fabric by our machine. The whole production process is done in our factory, to make sure every production process under strict quality control.

Our weaving machine is imported from DORNIER in Germany, 50sets in total.

Usually, the warp direction yarns doesn’t need to change frequently, it’s settled for long terms. To make different weaving types of fabric, we only need to change the weft direction yarns by our responsible technical members.

This makes sure the fabric is steady quality, uniform clean and flat surface, some regular production series doesn’t get any defect, usually, there will be less than 3 defects in 1 roll of our fabric(30m long) in other series production, we will pick it out and get rid off the fabric with defects, making sure our clients get the perfect fabric. From this attitude, you can see we take it seriously and want it to be perfect.

After weaving, we take the fabric to a drying oven to do the shaping process,

Normally 2-3 times to make sure the fabric gets absolutely clean flat surface.

As a result, we render our clients strong & durable fabric, this makes our goal more sensible: materials that makes live beautiful.