MagicalTex ®

We are a top quality sunscreen fabric manufacturer, MagicalTex is a brand of Groupeve, already had valuable skills and many years of experience in the manufacturing and sales of vertical blinds. Today, MagicalTex has a partnership network of distributors in the United States, Spain, Mexico, Brizal,Canada and Australia.


  • Magicaltex Registered Trade Mark
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • Environmental Management System Certificate
  • Ecological Textile Certificate
  • Reach Regulations Certificate
  • Greenguard Certificate
  • Flame Retardant Products In Public Places And Component Burning Performance Testing
  • Decoration Materials Combustion Performance Test
  • Shading Performance Test
  • Color Fastness Level Test
  • Lead Content Test
  • Formaldehyde Content Test
  • Heavy Metal Content Test
  • Mildew Performance Test
  • Weathering Test
  • Hazardous Substances Content Test
  • British BS 5867 Flame Test
  • American Flame Test NFPA701
  • Germany Flame Test
  • Tensile Strength Test Report
  • Polyester Electrostatic Performance Test

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